Ferroval uses new welding robot to increase quality and productivity

Ferroval is in luck and so are its customers, who will now be able to enjoy metal tower structures with a manufacturing quality increased thanks to the release of a new welding robot aimed at increasing the productivity and quality in the construction of bracing towers and fittings.

Thanks to the implementation of the new robot, the welding quality is improved and meets the highest expectations of our national and international customers.




Our company, which seeks to remain at the forefront of technology, offers products and solutions with a great quality/price ratio, durable structures capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions, with CE certified conditions in manufacturing processes and material resistance.

The acquisition of this robot allows a significant productive improvement that increases the competitiveness of our company at national and international level.

Our team of specialists will advise you on your project or when it comes to obtaining the most suitable product for your needs. If you need advice, trust us and we will give you a high-value option with an optimised manufacturing level, in line with the certifications already acquired in the work in metallic structures by the Applus certifier.


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