Ferroval launches new corporate website

Ferroval is celebrating. Our company launches a new corporate website, with a graphic appearance in line with the new momentum of our company and its product portfolio.

Through its pages we present the new products, who we are and the ways to contact us, improving the functionality and presence of the previous website.

In this new phase, the Ferroval creative team has decided to rely on the neutral tones of black, grey and mustard, which bring stability and seriousness, values that are inherent to our braced and self-supporting towers.

Improving usability and design

The website allows a more attractive presentation of the new products presented by our company, as well as quick access to the electronics products of Rover Satellite and Ixon Digital, our partner brand.

The new catalogue allows you to see in detail the main products of our brand, to access technical sheets and other specifications with a few clicks and to access the documentation in a more direct way.

In our spirit of improvement, we would like our customers and users to tell us what they would like to improve on our website, so we invite you to send us comments in any of our sections, to help us improve.

You can contact us directly through our contact section or by telephone on 962 522 094.