Safety and quality: FERROVAL undertakes to comply with EN1090-1 standard

At the heart of the steel tower industry, quality and safety are unwavering imperatives. At FERROVAL, our plant is proud to lead the way in these areas, and EN1090-1:2012 is the cornerstone of our commitment. Since its introduction, we have made this regulation an indisputable standard for our manufacturing processes, and each year we ensure its rigorous compliance through comprehensive audits.

La norme EN1090-1:2012 n’est pas seulement un ensemble de lignes directrices techniques ; c’est une balise qui guide chaque étape de notre production. From raw material selection to heat treatment and final inspection, every step is meticulously aligned with your requirements… This ensures that the steels used in our lathes have the mechanical properties and strength needed to meet the most demanding real-world requirements.

At FERROVAL, we don’t settle for minimum compliance, we strive for excellence in every detail. Our team of quality control experts works closely with our engineers to ensure that every component manufactured meets the most stringent standards. From tensile testing to metallographic analysis, no aspect is overlooked. This unwavering dedication enables us to deliver products that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations.

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the end product, compliance with EN1090-1:2012 gives us a significant competitive edge in the market. Customers rely on FERROVAL’s reputation as a quality- and safety-conscious manufacturer. Our ability to demonstrate compliance has opened doors to major projects around the world, consolidating our position as a leader in the steel tower industry.

Finally, at FERROVAL, we understand that quality and safety are not just commitments, but non-negotiable imperatives. The EN1090-1:2012 standard provides us with the necessary framework to meet these principles, and our plant is proud to take up this challenge. Through continuous effort and unwavering dedication, we are building a legacy of excellence that will endure well beyond our steel towers.

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